Risk-taker, adventurer, globetrotter, living my dreams and being an influencer. I want my fans to see what my life is really like without Instagram filters. My personalized website will give you this opportunity, I’m glad to be here!



Nft’s are the future. Social media will never be the same again. My biggest goal is to be a part of this change and to inspire you to join me. It’s easier thank you think, all you have to do is subsribe to me. The benefits will be mutual so let’s grow together. I’m waiting for you with my exclusive, never seen before content.





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    💃🏻 Eearly access to some of my Instagram Photos

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    💃🏻 Backstage videos from my day to day life

    💃🏻 Monthly NFT Pack drop! (coming soon)

    💃🏻 Chance for Common NFT's (coming soon)

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    Everything from previous plans

    💋 Access to Private chat

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    💋 Personalised thank you voice message

    💋 Access to more private content

    💋 Access to photo galleries

    💋 Chance for Rare NFT’s (coming soon)

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    Real Fan

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    Everything from previous plans

    🍒 Close friends on Instagram

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    🍒 Unique dedicated thank you photo/video

    🍒 Acess to my private Giveaways:

    -Dedicated giveaways only for subscribers

    -Personalised voice message

    🍒 Free yearly calendar

    🍒 Chance for Holo NFT's (coming soon)

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